The following links are just a few examples of grants through the Tateuchi Foundation:

Atsuhiko Tateuchi Memorial Scholarship

The Seattle Foundation offers scholarship funds to a variety of eligible students.  In partnership with the Tateuchi Foundation they have created the Atsuhiko Tateuchi Memorial Scholarship which will provide $5,000 renewable scholarships to 10 undergraduate students in the Pacific Rim states who are of Japanese or Asian ancestry and meet all academic requirements.

Seattle Foundation

Tateuchi Democracy Forum

The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles unveiled its new theatre bearing the Tateuchi name in October 2009. The opening ceremonies included attendance by the late U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, former U.S. Secretary Norman Mineta, and Actor George Takei. The inaugural program at the Tateuchi Democracy Forum was Conversations with Norman Mineta and George Takei focused on their experiences growing up as Japanese Americans during World War II, and pivotal moments in their lives. This and other programming sponsored by the Tateuchi Foundation will serve to better promote the relations between the United States and Japan.

Japanese American National Museum

Tateuchi Galleries

With three sites open year round including an expanded downtown museum, Olympic Sculpture Park and Asian Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum continues to broaden its reach with grants from the Tateuchi Foundation. From December 22, 2012 – July 21, 2013 the Tateuchi galleries at the Asian Art Museum campus will feature Legends, Tales, Poetry: Visual Narrative in Japanese Art, a selection of scrolls, screens, prints, photographs, lacquer work, ceramics, and textiles telling the stories and legends of Japan from the 13th to 21st centuries in pictorial form.

Seattle Art Museum

Tateuchi Thematic Gallery

Proximities I, II, & III: Bay Area Artists respond

Proximities explores the relationship between Asia, Asian Americans of all degrees of relationship to their lineage, and non-Asians who are impacted by Asia’s influence in U.S. culture in the Bay Area. An exhibition in three parts, Part I explores a response to the real and imagined landscape of Asia called What time is it there? (May 24 – July 21, 2013), Part II will explore the idea of family and community called Knowing Me, Knowing You (October 11 – December 8), and Part III discusses trade and commerce in Import/Export (December 20 – February 16th, 2014).

San Francisco Asian Art Museum - Proximities

The Cyrus Cylinder

In between Proximities I and II, the Cyrus Cylinder will be making an appearance in the galleries. The Cyrus Cylinder is one of the oldest Persian documents recording Cyrus the Great’s foundation of the Person empire after the capture of Babylon in 539 BCE. (Showing August 9 – September 22)

San Francisco Asian Art Museum - Cyrus Cylinder

The Tateuchi Foundation also supports the educational programming of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum to reach K-12 youth by enhancing history, social sciences, and visual arts curriculums with Asian art.

Tateuchi Story Theatre

A grant to build the Tateuchi Story Theatre within Seattle’s Wing Luke Asian Museum provides a venue for cultural and historical events relating to Pacific Asian Americans with a 59 seat multimedia stage open year round to the public. It opened May 31, 2008 and continues to expand its programming with additional grants from the Tateuchi Foundation.

Wing Luke Asian Museum

Tateuchi Hall

The Community School for Music and Art is a nonprofit center for arts education bringing the visual and performing arts experience to more than a quarter million people in Silicon Valley. In 2004 this organization completed a new campus in Mountain View, California. The "Jewel in the Crown" of this new facility is Tateuchi Hall, a 200+ seat concert and performance space.

Community Schools for Music and Art

Tateuchi Viewing Pavilion & Tateuchi Loop Trail

A capital grant from the Tateuchi Foundation was used by the City of Bellevue to build a Viewing Pavilion, a Bridge and a Viewing Deck to enhance this already spectacular Northwest Garden. These structures were dedicated in May 2004.

Another capital grant paid for the addition of a half mile loop trail featuring the highlights of the garden.  This was completed in 2011.

Bellevue Botanical Gardens:

Tateuchi Pavilion & Tateuchi Loop Trail

Tateuchi Plaza

The Tateuchi Foundation has made a multi-year grant to the capital campaign for Seattle Libraries, which opened an innovative new central library in May of 2004. Its main entrance on Fourth Avenue is known as Tateuchi Plaza and features the exquisite fountain of renown sculptor late George Tsudakawa.

Seattle Public Library

Volunteer Park Lily Ponds

A grant from the Tateuchi Foundation has made possible the refurbishing and renovation of the famous Lily Ponds in Volunteer Park. These Ponds, once a key feature of the Olmstead Park system, have been returned to their original glory. Located just across from the Seattle Asian Art Museum, the ponds were rededicated in the fall of 2003.

Seattle Parks Foundation

Tateuchi Center

Scheduled to open in 2015, the Tateuchi Center will be a multiple venue, multi-disciplinary performing arts center located in downtown Bellevue. Intended to host local-based and touring regional, national, and international performers, the Tateuchi Center intends to cull the highest caliber performances to enrich, educate, and entertain audiences in the greater Seattle area and beyond.

With a significant multi-year groundbreaking grant, the Atsuhiko & Ina Goodwin Tateuchi Foundation has earned the honor of being the center’s namesake. A portion of this grant will go towards Japan and Asia-focused programming, continuing the Tateuchi legacy of promoting international understanding through organizations committed to cultural diversity.

Tateuchi Center

University of Washington: Foster School of Business

A grant to the Foster School of Business with the support of the UW Global Business Center will host an annual Tateuchi Foundation Asian Business Distinguished Speaker Event. In 2013, William Saito, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, public policy consultant, and educator delivered a talk on Global Entrepreneurship: Rewards and Challenges on May 9th, 2013 at University of Washington.

University of Washington

Bishop Museum

The Bishop Museum houses the largest collection of Hawaiian artifacts and royal family heirlooms as well as documents and photographs about Hawai‘i and other Pacific island cultures. It is currently the largest museum in Hawaii and works to serve and represent the interests of Native Hawaiians.  Through the fall of 2014, the museum is featuring a Tateuchi Foundation funded exhibit Traditions and Transition: Stories of Hawai’i Immigrants; a collection of items, images, and stories about Hawaiian immigrants that made the islands the cultural and ethnic rainbow of diversity that they are today.

Bishop Museum

Tateuchi Women’s Health Care Initiative

International Community Health Services in Seattle provides affordable and culturally appropriate health care services to Seattle and King County’s Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities, as well as other underserved communities.   A grant from the Tateuchi Foundation fills the gap left from state funding deficits for preventative screenings for breast and cervical cancers.

International Community Health Services